How to Find the Best Software Development Company in Singapore

Best Software Development Company in Singapore

Finding a software development company in Singapore that fully meets your business needs is not as simple as it seems for the first glance. Before you choose the best company to work with, you need to know what you really want. This means that you need to see the future of your company clearly and be ready to set your goals perfectly. There is a golden rule to follow: when you know what you want, then you can easily find the right company to work with.

Here is a checklist of what to explore when choosing a good partner to help you in the creation of a great product without any risk.

1. Market Presence and Number of Completed Projects

security software company in singapore Companies that have been operating on the market for several years should have dozens of completed projects in various industries. They should be able to use various technologies and be ready to work with different types of customers. This means that throughout all the years they worked on the market, they had enough time to develop effective procedures of project management and product development processes.

2. Be Attentive to Portfolio – Check a Similar Software Application

singapore software company name listNaturally, many years of expertise is a good indicator of a company’s reliability, but you need to remember that young companies can be good in the area of software development too. Your task at this stage is to analyze the portfolio. Look for those products that match your ideas. Moreover, it will be better for your business if the software development agency has enough expertise in implementing certain solutions using the technology you are interested in.

Be ready that a software development company will try to hide some details concerning the technology that was effectively used in a particular project because the company values its reputation. In this case, you are required to ask the questions before signing the contract because you are the person who is interested in the success of your project.

3. Tariffs and Billing Model

application software company singapore The most secure and transparent approach to effective project management is a flexible development process. This is often associated with the area of the Time and Materials invoicing model. To explain, the client is paying only for hours spent on the project and for the real effects. Some software development companies are ready to offer a free trial because they are confident in their high level of professionalism and understand that every client should have the ability to test their services for some time without any fee. This approach allows both sides to try their future cooperation and realize whether it meets their expectations or not.

It seems that this is an honest way to create a long-term relationship and find a good strategic partner for many years of professional cooperation.

4. Testimonials and Reviews

software consultant company in singaporeThere are no doubts that you read all the references before making a decision. This is a good moment to make one more step and check them out. Your task is to verify the information and be sure that the people listed next to the reviews are real and work for the displayed companies. At this stage, you are recommended to prepare appropriate questions and ask them. It is a normal practice to ask some contact details of the clients for the purpose of verifying the quality of work of the software development services.

5. Approach to Communication and Project Management

it software company in singaporeIt’s good when the company has expertise in your industry. However, the ability to listen and ask questions is also valuable. There are no two identical products. Each business is unique, and there is nothing worse than dealing with know-it-alls who ignore your need.

Be sure that communication transparency is the most important aspect of effective cooperation. You need to have a clear understanding of who is dealing with your project now and at what stage it is, how you will be sure that you are moving in the right direction, etc. It’s like drifting on the high seas without a compass. Thus, this process of communication should be specified in detail and regulated strictly.

Moreover, during contacts, the supplier’s representative should be prepared to report on difficulties encountered, the budget spent, and the work is done. Be sure to ask questions if something is not clear to you.

6. Quality Assurance and Support

singapore accounting software company Testing is crucial. It saves from a thousand and one small and big troubles after the process of implementation. The more attention the software development agency pays to it, the more confidence in its reliability. You should be greatly encouraged if the team members use various terms such as continuous integration, continuous implementation, automated testing, and development through testing.

At a minimum, before release, the software development company should test and debug such issues as bugs, texts and images, compatibility, power consumption, and speed. However, QA is not only about technical aspects. It is based on the desire to predict the most diverse scenarios of user behavior and make sure that the product will work for the ultimate goal in any scenario.

Also, beware of those companies that are ready to say “Yes” to everything. When the company knows its limitations and is ready to say “No,” this means that its members are good professionals who understand the limits of their competence and are honest with the clients. In this case, good professionals are ready to recommend other solutions for the purpose of avoiding possible mistakes and satisfy all the needs of the client fully.

7. Financial Stability

Best Software Development Company in SingaporeWhen searching for a software development agency in Singapore, it is easy to leave out such a vital point as their financial stability. You surely discuss the budget and expenses of your project, but it is advised to look into the company’s financial state as well. The fact is that at times a company can go bankrupt right in the middle of your project, and you will get to where you have started. This is a highly-underestimated factor that a wise employer never misses.

8. After-development Cooperation

Best Software Development Company in SingaporeOnce you have our project ready and launched, it is natural to assume that it is where your cooperation with software development companies in Singapore ends. However, the truth is far from being that simple. The fact is that no matter how perfect your application or software is, over time, some professional maintenance will be needed. That is why it is a beneficial approach to ask the service about their after-development policy before they start on the project. Many reputable software development companies include maintenance and support services into the package, and it is best to pick them.


We understand that finding a reliable partner in software development is a difficult task. Our checklist is designed to facilitate this process. Your goal is to become familiar with top software development companies in Singapore and choose the one that is ready to develop a product that meets your vision and business goals. We recommend you to make your choice seriously and choose the agency that will be able to create the best innovative and upscale product for you.

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