Choosing the Right IT Outsourcing Companies in Singapore

Choosing the Right IT Outsourcing Companies in Singapore

Over the past few years, the number of companies offering IT outsourcing services in Singapore has increased significantly. Currently, many organizations transfer part of the work from their countries abroad. What is the reason? The answer is quite simple: to save money and find a strategic partner with relevant expertise. Modern business is extremely interested in the ways to complement its strong sides and shore up its weak aspects. This means that a strong partnership is the best way to achieve success, and finding the right IT outsourcing firm in Singapore is like winning a lottery.

Don’t rely on fate in choosing the right IT outsourcing company. Your task is to be successful in your business area, and the following recommendations will help you in making the right choice.

1. Outsourcing Has Clear Advantages

it outsourcing companies singaporeFirstly, it allows you to save a sufficient amount of money (up to 40%). Only a narrow specialist can predict the next technical turn, threatening a failure for your investment. Good developers delve into the business processes that they work with and have an extensive outlook that allows you to objectively evaluate your ideas from the other side. Often it turns into valuable advice that you will not get elsewhere.

Secondly, expanding the search field allows you to access the best specialists and the latest technologies around the world.Of course, hiring developers from your own country is not a bad choice: in most cases, the client will receive a product of excellent quality. However, this path is often quite costly. Therefore, companies sometimes need to “look around” and conduct an analysis of the international market to choose the right company for their outsourcing projects. In other words, the main task is to find quality services at an affordable price, and thus optimize development costs, while maintaining the best quality.

2. A Clear Understanding of the Goals – Is the Way to Save Your Money

it outsourcing services singaporeStart with a clear idea of what you want to outsource and why. Focus on goals and time. Reflect on the functionality of the future product. It is very helpful to consult with a marketing analyst. Together you can determine your market niche and the requirements of your target audience.

Subsequently, this will help to choose a more suitable design and functionality.Ideally, at the end of this stage, you should have clear and precise requirements for the future product. This will allow developers to more accurately assess the amount of work and the ability to reduce the budget. In addition, it will be easier for you to find out if a particular outsourcing company can bring your ideas to life. After clearly indicating what exactly you need, you can go directly to the search for the desired provider.

3. Examination Is Important but Not Always Obvious

There are thousands of IT outsourcing companies. How to make the right choice? You can start with Google search, as we do when we look for other products and services. But you have to be prepared to deal with dozens of pages. You can filter information by location, technology, or industry, and check the links to different websites, and this is a valuable source of information if you know how to use it. Here are some tips:

Check the site. What does it look like? Is it convenient to move around the site? Is there enough information on it? Of course, it happens that “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”, and this fact tells a lot about the business values of the company.

it outsourcing companies singaporePortfolio. Explore the projects. Is there anything out of your industry? If websites are presented, go to them and see if you like them, or not. If there are mobile applications, check their rating, read comments, download the application and evaluate its design and functionality. Moreover, you can chat with previous customers and read the feedbacks.

Technologies. If you are not a developer, it may be difficult for you to evaluate the technical potential of the IT outsourcing services. In this case, you can find out the level of the company’s expertise (in other words, is there anything to choose from to optimally implement the project). Good IT companies keep abreast, constantly expand their expertise and invest heavily in training developers.

Team. Familiarize yourself with the company’s infrastructure, existing outsourcing projects, and certificates. For an IT outsourcer, the company must provide a full range of services (including design, development, testing, project management, and support). Otherwise, at some point, it may turn out that you will need other suppliers to complete the project.

4. Understanding Your Business Is as Important as Code Quality

it outsourcing services singaporeIt doesn’t matter how innovative the IT product is – it is only as valuable as it helps to solve certain business goals. Therefore, good IT companies start with their clarification. At the same time, they can use an impact map, or other techniques, to find out what business results are expected and how to achieve them using the product.

5. Transparency of Communication Is the Key to Everything

it outsourcing companies singaporeA clear communication plan is always important. It should indicate convenient means of communication, the frequency of phoning, written reports or video chats and contact persons on both sides. It should also include such items as accessibility (when both parties must be in touch) and the time allotted for answering mail or messages.

6. Location Matters

IT Outsourcing Companies in SingaporeThere is a number of reasons why there are so many IT outsourcing companies in Singapore. The thing is that along with such countries as Ukraine, Singapore has gained its reputation over the years on the market. The level of professionalism that Singapore IT outsourcing companies offer is more than compatible, considering the price range than most services come at. In case you are not willing to overpay and wait for a long time, face any cultural or language barriers, then IT outsourcing services in Singapore are what you need.


Naturally, the list of IT outsourcing companies in Singapore is rather big, and we suggest you to implement the next steps to interact with an IT outsourcing company successfully:

  • clearly articulate your expectations regarding the product;
  • analyze the available information about the selected IT company and its expertise;
  • make sure that members of the outsourcing team are ready to delve into the specifics of your business;
  • give preference to flexible methodologies;
  • ensure transparency of communication;
  • to discuss in advance issues of quality assessment, service and technical support;
  • strictly follow safety procedures.

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